"Yes, this is Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. It's about o'clock in the morning. That's the Homicide Squad - complete with detectives and newspapermen."

- Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Peter O’Toole photographed by Douglas Kirkland, 1964. 

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Yasmin Paige while filming “Submarine”, 2010

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Q: you said you were busy these days...what have you been doing?
Anonymous -

Alright, so this is going to be a long reply. For starters, school started and I’ve changed up my attitude towards it a LOT since last year. I’m socialising a lot more, which means I’m getting involved in a lot of trivial high school drama. But y’know, after watching Summer Break, all of this has it’s own fun and stuff I guess. Also tons of people around me are hooking up and getting boyfriends and dates and I’m just here alone. Which is cool, I’m too busy to be involved in a relationship anyway, but sometimes you get lonely hahaha bleh Anyway I’m talking to a lot of new people that I haven’t talked to before, and I’m trying to get close to people regardless of how “popular” they are, because that’s a load of horse shit. That being said, not everyone I got to meet and get close to have been all too positive. There have been some toxic people, and I’m still figuring how I should cut them out of my life. Also my university interview date is set for October 29th, so I should be freaking out. I don’t know why I’m not when I’m hugely unprepared for anything like that. I should probably die this next month to get shit done, but gah it’s the worst time to be unmotivated. Also I have fallen in love with this “k-pop” band that has it’s own tv survival reality show. And I am trying to cope with how perfect the rapper is. I think that sort of made me firm in that I want to try auditioning after I get into uni, but you know, I’m not even near talented in singing nor dancing as people like them, so idk how that’s gonna go. I should probably get the uni thing in the near future sorted out first. And then drop some kilos afterwards and stuff. Man, idk it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m literally getting ill in my stomach when people mention “college” or “university” and I just wanna get it over with. I’m all about the YOLO life, but I am having doubts of what my passion really is at this point in life, which is horrible. In fact, these days, I wish I’m having horrible days with terrible luck so that karma will serve me well for the important day on the 29th. Oh gosh, I don’t know, it’s been so busy and crazy. I just want everything to get over to “search for myself” and stuff. A gap year does not sound like a bad idea at this point as long as my mum’s ok with it (which she’s most likely not). I dunno man I most likely won’t be able to respond to you if you’re one of my tumblr friends because I don’t want to have a conversation with someone about my life when they know nothing about it’s context and also when I have too much to say and unable to listen. But I will get back to you if you have messaged me off anon after everything calms down. Once again, thank you very much for sticking with me (: 


Brooklyn, NY c.1960s

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Favourite Films | City of God (2002)

"Why return to the City of God, where God forgets about you?"

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Ann Lislegaard, Nothing but Space, 1997

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Xavier Dolan on the set of Laurence Anyways, Ph. by Clara Palardy

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life update & apology

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We’ll dance to the harpsicord.”

Before Sunrise (1995), dir.Richard Linklater

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film genre meme: [1/10] drama » Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

"You know what? Fuck beauty contests. Life is one fucking beauty contest after another."

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Ingmar Bergman on the set of “Det Sjunde Inseglet”

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